Look Out!

What to do with line?

I thought I would have a go at using pencil rather than a fibre-tipped pen to draw with, and I found a portrait photo by Trish Morrissey to be the subject. I really enjoyed using just one pencil, 2B, and trying out many different effects it can give: smudging, sharp line, bold strokes, different tones. I was pleased how it was all coming together but what I hadn’t anticipated was being startled when those eyes looked back at me! It seemed to turn from a drawing to something that had its own life, which might at any moment speak!

https://howtowriteaboutart.com/elements-of-art/ for more on an analysis of Line,

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Writing about Art is tricky - there are many challenges in writing about a visual experience. I've got lots of ideas to help! See what can help!

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