Geometric Shapes, and Natural

What incredible straight lines and squares and geometric shapes! Whilst being out and about in Wales this summer, walking in the hills and mountains and shorelines, I have been astonished by the rock formations and noticing how many straight lines and geometric shapes there are in rock splits and fissures and strata. Nothing surprising there, but it made me think of the distinction often made when referring to shape – one of the elements of art.

It is often said that geometric shapes in art are human-made, manufactured forms, evoking a sense of the artificial, as opposed to curves and undulations found in organic shapes in nature. When I saw the marvellous straight lines and squares of rock it made me think that it’s important not to hold that distinction too rigidly. Certainly, these rock formations are not organic, but they are natural. So when you are writing about art, it’s good to keep that in mind. It’s also a reminder to be on the look out at the inspirational natural world around us!

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