A sunny day and a drive to the beach was the perfect opportunity to do some sketching. A long cliff curves round the bay into the distance and one way of conveying this is by using stronger tones for things closer while using paler tones for things in the distance. The effect of the atmosphere on distant things is to make them look pales and less contrasting, so the artist can mimic that which can help to create depth. It is called atmospheric perspective.

I loved sitting on the beach looking, drawing and painting: the groynes keeping the sand from drifting, the helter skelter giving fun rides to people on the pier, and the golden sand so soft and silky for sitting on. Later it became cloudy and drizzly, but I had managed to snatch some late summer sunshine. Happy day:)

Published by howtowriteaboutart

Writing about Art is tricky - there are many challenges in writing about a visual experience. I've got lots of ideas to help! See what can help!

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