Complementary Coffee

My drawing and painting needed a jump start! So I copied one of the animals on my coffee pot! I love the easy, flowing shapes and the complementary colours. Blue and orange are opposites on the colour wheel and play with our eyes giving a simultaneous contrast. This is not the ‘push and pull’ of colours like the last post, but balancing contrast, giving a sense of harmony.

What a lot of fun, drawing the things around me at home. Now I see patterns everywhere! Inspired!

Published by howtowriteaboutart

Writing about Art is tricky - there are many challenges in writing about a visual experience. I've got lots of ideas to help! See what can help!

3 thoughts on “Complementary Coffee

  1. I like this, really, and I love what you say both in the post and on the left bottom side of the drawing. Beautiful the result and beautiful the intention 🙂


      1. Thank you for sharing. I found your site quite interesting, its purpose, and that made me start following. Happy drawing to you too :))


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