Time Was Away

It was the simplicity of line that drew me to this illustration on a book cover of a travel book, published soon after WWII, with drawings by John Minton. I loved the way he builds up the picture with layers of lines – and no better way to get to know a person’s style than by copying it. The actual book cover is printed with green, blue and yellow ochre as well, but I was happy to keep my image black and white only. Line is the most basic element of art, yet it can create whole worlds- delightfully so. Happy drawing!

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Writing about Art is tricky - there are many challenges in writing about a visual experience. I've got lots of ideas to help! See what can help!

2 thoughts on “Time Was Away

  1. I agree with you. Sometimes it’s a nice thing to copy a text of an author one admires too, in order to get to know him/her better. And about the simplicity of drawing a line, using only black an white… Yes I do agree. Beautiful result. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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