‘It ain’t necessarily so…’

I didn’t have a stack of mirrors, so I raided the kitchen drawer for tin foil! It forms a great reflective surface for a still-life composition.

Playing with images of reality and illusion is something that Florence Henri toyed with, an American-born artist who developed her photographic style in her mid-30’s. She created a photographic series called Mirror Compositions where her still-life arrangements comprised of a mixture of ostensible objects placed on mirrors and objects reflected in mirrors. The viewer is never quite sure which of the multiple images is the real one! Through her use of mirrors and reflections she distorts space and our orientation within it. What we thought reality was, might not be so. Rather than the traditional still-life genre which depicts motionless nature, her compositions have a certain energy and play that keeps us intrigued, and entices us to look more closely.

See how you can play with reflections and mirroring in your pictures and photos!

Surrealist Photography vam.ac.uk, Florence Henri icp.org

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