Live line sketching

Catching crabs

What fun it is making some quick sketches in real time, and with subjects who keep moving! A Mum had taken her two little children to catch crabs at a quay side. I was high above, sipping coffee, and got out my sketch book! Looking for the main shape and drawing it quickly was required, and again and again as the people moved.

Lovely to see how quick outlines can be so suggestive of shape and activity. And the sketch has its own energy I think. The most basic element of art can be used to great effect.

Happy sketching!

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5 thoughts on “Live line sketching

  1. A great exercise. I do not feel I would be great at producing anything that resembled discernible shapes but I will definitely give it a go one day. I might do better with a watercolour brush than a pen or pencil.

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