What happens when colour resists the surface because of another material? I thought I’d have a go and see! I got some bleach and dribbled it on the paper, then splodged some watercolour of varying consistencies over it, and this is the result. I like the random pattern it created – some flicks of colour, some banks of colour, and some pools of colour that ran off when held up. I used Burnt Umber rather than Raw Umber, as it had a warmer feel to it and I wanted to imitate some pottery I had just bought.

Kernewek Pottery: honeycomb pattern on coffee set

I found this lovely coffee set in a charity shop/thrift store, and I’m adding it to my collection of Kernewek Pottery. It was established in Cornwall by Reg Foster, although it no longer operates now. I really like the glaze that not only gives a very reflective shine, but also has the varied white-marked patterns of the honeycomb pattern. It got me thinking of making patterns through the resistance of one material on another – putting diverse ingredients together and seeing occurs.

Coffee and inspiration: what could be better!

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