Life after Death

She has life: hers to live with all the wisdom and grace she can, out there in the world. Yet, hers is life after death – the death of her child. She carries that loss always, so too the joy they shared – their marvellous precious life. She brought him into the world, yet sheContinue reading “Life after Death”

Time to play

How about three colours for the background, pattens from around the house, cut out words and pics from magazines? Put them all together, and see what happens! 🙂

Woodland Reflections

Puddles are wonderful natural mirrors! So, after lots of rain, a walk in the woods becomes a hall of mirrors! It’s all about how you look! Have fun 🙂

Splendid Beards

This marvellous beard is on the sculpture of Christ on the Heavenly Throne, at the abbey of St. Pierre, Moissac, France, from the early 12th century. The lines of the scultural form really lend themselves to drawing. Happy Days.

Christmas snow

Aren’t Christmas cards great! Not only do you get lovely messages from friends, but you get some beautiful art too! This card depicting a scene from a print by Utagawa Hiroshige caught my eye. It is a section of a larger work in which two woman stand either side of this scene, looking beyond theirContinue reading “Christmas snow”


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