Tension Lines

After walking all morning in a beautiful place with Cadair Idris, Wales, in the distance, I decided to get my sketch book out. It felt very daunting to draw the landscape in front of me, so I thought ‘Just start’! I liked the foreground of the leafless hawthorn tree with the mountain behind – not quite the top of Cadair Idris as it didn’t fit onto the page! I wondered what the effect would be to draw the distant mountain outline in pencil and the tree in bold fibre-tipped pen – the media itself creating a tension, pushing one line back and the other forward. I was pleased with the outcome. For most of the time I was drawing, it was actually a case of looking closely at the landscape and my hand worked in symmetry – without me glancing at my mark-making. I think that added to the dynamism of the picture. Simple but effective.

Line is one of the basic elements of art used to create art works. Read more about it here https://howtowriteaboutart.com/elements-of-art/

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