Ink spread

My ink and water creation

Good writing, like good art, is inspirational. It can change the way you see things and do things; it can cause you to appreciate things differently; and it can help you become more conscious of your art.

I stumbled across the on-line magazine IDEELART and happened to read a description of the Argentinian artist Martin Reyna’s gestural abstract paintings, executed in ink of differing colours and patterns. The paintings were striking, but it was the description of them that grabbed my attention. The author wrote how the ink reacted ‘spontaneously and unpredictably as colors dispel and scatter, graciously vibrating, and transgressing its initial boundaries’. Although the artist composes his work carefully and consciously he yet allows ‘the forces of nature to seize the process and lead it most erratically’. This is no mere description of the precise elements of art the artist used, it was an insight into the very process, the magic of how Reyna created such effects.

When I read that it made me want to get some ink, moisten the paper and watch the ink behave like that for me. I wanted to see the almost-living process happen right before my eyes, just as the writer had written about the magic conjured up by Reyna. So I did! And the ink did disperse and spread out, tentacles searching their way along crevices in the paper weave, lubricated by the wash of water; spiders legs crawling hesitantly, then frozen in space.

How, then, to write about art? Read good writers – in journals, magazines, books; but also experiment with art, get involved in trying things out – it gives you insights that can help your writing come alive.

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