Contrasting pencil

I wanted to do a precise drawing, to take the time to look closely and draw what I observed. I had a lovely stalk of wheat, quite small and very pale, but close up there were lovely shapes and beautiful detail. I took a photo of it, cropped the image to the shape I wanted, then put a black and white filter on it. Marvellous- what contrasts became apparent! I used a very sharp 2B pencil only, enjoying the different tones that can be achieved depending on whether the tip or the side is used. I like how the shadows cast by the stalks’ shadows are as much a part of the composition as the fine ridges of the ears of wheat themselves. Happy drawing!

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Writing about Art is tricky - there are many challenges in writing about a visual experience. I've got lots of ideas to help! See what can help!

One thought on “Contrasting pencil

  1. I love using just one pencil to achieve different effects, and most often choose a B, which allows me to do fine line with a sharpened point, and turn the pencil on its side for wider, softer tone – just like you use the 2B. However, I used a 6B, B and an HB on a sketch yesterday. Planning to incorporate it in a blog by the end of the week. Good work you.

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