Georgina’s landscapes

Georgina Towler

Georgina’s fascination with landscapes stemmed from a childhood immersed in the Dorset countryside, with its rolling hills, fields and woodlands. The sense of space, of land and sky, is something evident in her paintings, as is a sense of light which transforms the colour of things. The static forms of landscape are made dynamic by the play of weather, which Georgina captures in her paintings through her selection of colours, drawn from a limited palette of greens, yellows and blues. This, together with the use of geometric shapes and organic ones, creates a certain movement and vibrancy to her work.

I met Georgina working in her new studio in the recently opened East Quay Gallery complex in Watchet, Somerset, just opposite the harbour.

East Quay, Watchet, Somerset

Great to see a young artist bringing a new perspective to landscape painting.

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